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Milwaukee Air & Water Show

MILWAUKEEThe Blue Angels will headline the 2022 Milwaukee Air & Water Show that will also feature performances by Children of Fallen Heroes, Parachute Team. (CFH)

The CFH parachute team will perform the "Honoring Heroes Jump" featuring the largest American Flag (banner) jumped into history of the Milwaukee Air and Water Show. The jump will also feature local children and surviving spouses of fallen First Responders and Military heroes standing beside local frontline service members including veterans honoring their loved ones.

The event takes place July 23rd and 24th along the lakefront. Attendees will get to see the Blue Angels’ signature array of close-in flight maneuver demonstrations in new F/A-18 E/F “Super Hornet” Fighter Jets for the first time. Pilots previously flew F/A-18 Hornets for 34 years. The Blue Angels have been flying since 1946.

About Children of Fallen Heroes

In supporting the “Children of Fallen Heroes” we have found that our vision, purpose, and every minute detail is critical in the healing process for our children. Surviving and thriving the loss of their “Hero” mother or father is our “no-fail mission” and we walk with them and their families until that mission is complete.

Established in 2015

Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and Education programs are designed to create an escape from grief and expand the mind while having fun. Programs include Canine & Wildlife Rescue, Coastal Fishing, Equine Retreat, Golf Day Camp, Indoor Skydiving, Photography, Wedding and Special Occasions, and more.

Please join us with local First Responders and Military including their families to honor children and surviving spouses of fallen heroes in the Greater Milwaukee area.

The Honor Jump Ceremony will be dedicated to First Responders and Military and their families.

Proceeds from our booth and local chapters will support our mission in Milwaukee, WI.

To learn about sponsorship and ticket information for the Milwaukee Air and Water Show.

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