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Join the STEM Skydiving Adventure!

🚀 Get ready for an incredible indoor skydiving experience filled with science, tech, engineering, and math fun! 🌟

🌪️ Learn the Physics: Discover the secrets of flight, wind tunnels, and safety tips. Find out how we defy gravity indoors!

🛩️ Engineering Marvels: Design and craft your own paper airplanes or parachutes. Use your creativity to build awesome flying machines!

📚 Flight Science: Uncover the science behind body positions and tricks in indoor skydiving. Balance, gravity, and math equations – it's all part of the thrill!

🤝 Teamwork Time: Team up with your fellow adventurers to test and improve your creations. Communication and problem-solving are the keys to success!

🏆 Take Flight: Soar to new heights!

See below all the locations available across the nation!



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