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CFH SWIFT Robotics goes to 2024 World Robotics Championship in Houston, TX

SWIFT Robot Championship (1st alliance Captains) Award and 1st place Inspire Award

In a stirring testament to humility and respect, the Children of Fallen Heroes, STEM+arts SWIFT Robotics team "Intergalactic Space Llamas", proudly representing Moore County, NC, have etched their names onto the global stage at the First 2024 World Robotics Championship. Guided by the expertise of NC State's Engineering program's top graduates and former program alumni, these exceptional youths have not only showcased their technical prowess but also exemplified the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Great to see and congratulate our San Antonio Partners the "Spicy Ketchup 16377" the 2023-2024 Texas State Championship Winning Alliance and also won 2nd place at the World Championship for Design Innovations in their Division.

Amidst fierce competition, the SWIFT Intergalactic Space Llamas secured a commendable 16th place in their division, underscoring their unwavering commitment to excellence. Additionally, their attainment of the second-highest score during the tournament stands as a testament to their relentless dedication and skill.

The championship, hosted at the sprawling Robert Cook Center in Downtown Houston, welcomed over 50,000 aspiring minds from 25 countries worldwide. Within the 1.25 million square feet of the center, participants from diverse cultural backgrounds converged, united by a shared passion for innovation and collaboration.

Central to the ethos of is the belief in competing with humility and showing respect for fellow competitors—a principle embodied wholeheartedly by the young participants. In the spirit of "coopetition," they not only strived for personal success but also generously shared their knowledge and inspiration with others, fostering a culture of mutual support and growth.

As the championship unfolded, the atmosphere buzzed with the palpable camaraderie and mutual respect among participants. Esteemed guests, including luminaries from TechCrunch, NASA, BASE, SpaceForce, and more, added to the electric atmosphere, emphasizing the global significance of this movement.

As the curtains draw to a close on another exhilarating championship, it's imperative to recognize that true victory transcends mere rankings. Every team that graced the stage—representing 25 nations—exemplified the values of humility, respect, and collaboration.

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the championship, for in this arena, everyone emerges victorious. May their exemplary conduct inspire us to compete with humility, show respect for one another, and work together towards a brighter, more inclusive future—a vision championed by, a beacon of hope in a world yearning for positive change.


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