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The Legacy that Honors Our Heroes

Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and STEAM Education Center  in Moore County, NC Nonprofi


(science, technology, engineering, arts & math)

The 73,000 sqft Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and STEAM Education Center, which is set to be developed on acquired *82 acres of pristine land near Fort Bragg (Liberty) in Moore County, NC is a beacon of hope and healing. This remarkable project is designed to be a place of solace and growth, providing a safe haven for the families of our fallen military, first responders, foster kids, caregivers, and a variety of community outreach programs.


With its expansive facilities and state-of-the-art amenities, the center aims to offer not only emotional support but also educational opportunities. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education Center within the retreat will empower children and young adults with knowledge and skills for a bright future. The development represents a profound commitment to honoring the sacrifice of our heroes and their loved ones, ensuring that their legacy endures through education, resilience, and community support. 

*Children of Fallen Heroes is on the public land title.

Land Development Vision

Children of Fallen Heroes is blessings keep GROWING with the partnership with

W Squared Consulting as the leaders of development for our STEAM Education Center.

Jessica Weingartner brings 2 decades of experience in various facets of the building industry. Her well-rounded knowledge base continually makes her a vital part of the process. Throughout her career, Jessica has been responsible for directing and managing new construction and renovation projects to successful completion. She started her career in architecture and construction in 2001 after receiving a Bachelor of Architecture and a BS in Environmental Design from North Dakota State University. As a Project Manager for Gensler, Jessica was involved with many high profile construction projects where she fostered respected relationships with Owners, Operators, Architects, Designers and Contractors. During her tenure at Gensler, Jessica was promoted to an executive architectural position and oversaw the design implementation for a $695 million luxury hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Additionally, Jessica has consulted for YOUNG & Associates in the reconstruction industry offering her expertise in strategy and business development as a leader in the Washington, D.C. market and the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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Ryan Weingartner has 20 years of experience in the construction industry and brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise to any role. During his 14 year tenure with Tutor Perini, Ryan had significant involvement on many notable hospitality projects. His dynamic leadership skills proved successful while hiring and managing 45 engineers across 4 highly complex projects on the Las Vegas Strip totaling $1.8 billion in construction. As a Project Manager, he led pre-construction efforts and managed major structural scope for 2 high-rise towers in excess of $1 billion in Manhattan, NY, as well as a $400 million mix-use project in Queens, NY. Ryan’s impressive ability to evaluate means and methods in real time has helped Owners avoid costly impacts to budget and schedule. As an Owner’s Representative, Ryan has managed the design and construction teams for a $950 million hospitality project in the Washington, D.C. area to successful completion on-time and on-budget, while maintaining high ethical standards and achieving Owner/Operator objectives. Ryan’s diverse experience and strong leadership is an asset to any executive team and has created opportunities for W Squared Consulting to evolve major client relationships.

Project Portfolio
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Sam & Betty Glick - Owners GreyFox Outdoor was founded in 2018 by Sam & Betty as a desire to provide our customers with a top quality product that will be a worry-free centerpiece to your friend and family gatherings in your backyard. We are a fully licensed and insured North Carolina General Contractor so you can rest assured that you are in good hands! Both being born and raised in the heart of Lancaster County PA has given us the privilege of having deep rooted connections to some of the finest Amish craftmanship to be found in Lancaster, we took careful consideration to choose the product brands that we trust and proudly offer. It has also given us a greater understanding of what it means to provide a great quality product at a service level that is hard to beat. With more than 20 years of experience in the playground & recycled plastics industry we are here to answer any question you might have about our product. We moved to the Southern Pines/Aberdeen NC area in November of 2018, we've grown very fond of the area and are proud to call it home! If we are not at work thinking up new ways to provide a better experience for our customers or customizing a certain design, you will usually find us working on projects at home or simply spending time with our children, Gabriella & Logan, and our spirited Boxer, Summer! ​ While we strive to be the one to be "providing quality, low-maintenance outdoor solutions" for you, it is our hope and prayer that our product would bring much, much more than just that to your family! That our playsets would bring countless hours of fun together with your children in the safety of your own backyard. That your family would be able to enjoy many years of dinner & games under the stars on our outdoor dining sets. That you could relax around one of our fire pits and reminisce on days gone by with both friends and family.

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Playground Designed by Julie Bennett, GreyFox Outdoors

Naming Rights Opportunity for a Playground at the Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and STEAM Education Center

In the heart of Moore County, NC, a beacon of hope is emerging at the Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and STEAM Education Center, a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing the hearts and minds of children touched by loss and adversity. Central to this haven is a playground envisioned by the innovative minds at Gray Fox Outdoors—a space designed not just for play, but for healing, learning, and growth.

Imagine a place where laughter mingles with the rustle of leaves, where children explore, create, and forge friendships amidst the backdrop of nature's embrace. This playground, meticulously crafted with the needs of its young visitors in mind, stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Yet, to truly bring this vision to life, we need your help. We invite you to become a part of this transformative journey by securing the naming rights for this cherished space. Your contribution will not only etch your name in the annals of generosity but will also serve as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

By lending your support, you are not only investing in a playground but in the futures of children who have faced unimaginable challenges. Your donation will pave the way for impactful programming, educational opportunities, and community outreach initiatives that empower these young souls to thrive despite their circumstances.

Join us in igniting the flames of possibility and resilience. Together, let's build a legacy of hope—one playground, one child at a time. Donate today and leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of those who need it most.

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Champions of Hope

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Guardian Angel

Heroic Partners

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Legacy Supporters

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Legacy Home Construcation Children of Fallen Heroes
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