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Voted #1: The Best of the Pines 2023

In the heart of Moore County, North Carolina, something truly special happened at The Best of the Pines 2023 event. This gathering was a moment of unity, gratitude, and patriotism, where we celebrated the best of our community.

At the core of this celebration was the acknowledgment of "Children of Fallen Heroes" as the #1 Nonprofit in the military category for giving time or money. It's an honor that fills us with humility.

A Noble Cause

"Children of Fallen Heroes" is an organization that embodies dedication and compassion. Their mission is simple yet profound: to support the children of fallen military and first responders, foster kids, and caregivers. They recognize the sacrifices made by these heroes and work tirelessly to brighten the lives of their families.

A key partner in this mission is Halo Beauty Co. LLC, Voted #2 Salon that specializing in hair and makeup services. They provide these children with special moments during weddings and other important occasions. Their commitment is truly inspiring.

Unity and Patriotism

The Best of the Pines 2023 event brought our community together to express gratitude for our heroes. It highlighted our unwavering patriotism and the shared commitment to caring for those who have served and their families.

In Moore County, we celebrate not only the best of the pines but also the best of humanity—the unwavering commitment to honoring and supporting our heroes and their families. It's a legacy we can all be proud of.

Video Highlights from the 2023 Best of the Pines


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