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Thank you for your interest in our organization and our incredibly important mission. In supporting the “Children of Fallen Heroes” we have found that our vision, purpose, and every minute detail is critical in the healing process for our children.  


Surviving and thriving the loss of their “Hero” mother or father is our “no-fail mission” and we walk with them and their families until that mission is complete.


We provide great NC Coastal Fishing Day Camps for surf, pier, and offshore fishing for mahi-mahi, triggerfish, bass, sharks, jacks, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, grouper, flounder, trout, drum, sheepshead, spots, croaker, and whiting.

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Holden Beach, NC 

Wilmington, NC 

Tampa Bay, Fl - April 29

NC Coastal Fishing Day Camp

 It’s so much more than a lesson — it’s an enriching retreat of fun and learning

that they’ll remember the rest of their lives! 

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