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Is my donation tax deductible?

You may be entitled to a tax deduction for your contribution, subject to general limitations depending upon circumstances, including whether or not you itemize deductions. Please consult your tax advisor to determine if you are entitled to a tax deduction.

How do I host an online fundraiser?

Please contact us with your fundraising ideas.

How do I start an online fundraiser?

Contact us to start a fundraiser for everything you need to launch your campaign.

How do I make a non-cash donation?

Vehicle donations can be made through CARS Foundation.

How can I learn about donating my estate?

Bequests are donations that are made through a will or a living trust. You can name the Children of Fallen Heroes as a beneficiary in your will/estate for a specific amount or a percentage (see form below) or designate the foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Children of Fallen Heroes suggests consulting a legal professional before drafting a will or trust.

The Children of Fallen Heroes must be named as the owner and beneficiary of the insurance policy for it to be tax-deductible.

The following are examples of sample bequest language:

"I bequeath $X.00 to the Children of Fallen Heroes directed towards the organization's area of greatest need." or "I bequeath X% of my estate to the Children of Fallen Heroes for the STEM programs."

Learn more about it at our Ways to Give page. 

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