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S.T.E.M. Photography 

S.T.E.M. PHOTOGRAPHY program is provides retreat programs for First Responders and Military Heroes including their families. Here are a quick overview:

  • A camera lens collects and focuses the light.

  • Film is made up of light-sensitive materials.

  • When the materials in the sensors are hit with light from the lens, it captures the shape and details based on how much light is coming off the objects.

  • Lenses can help alter a photograph’s composition, and zoom lenses help with how close or far away the object of photo appears.

There is so much that goes into photography and so much that goes into STEM and this popular art form. What are some other STEM topics you can share with your students regarding photography?

Fun educational activities for all with a camera.

In short, here is the list:

  • Everyone can learn storytelling by using photos and imagery to tell a story. 

  • Create a word math problem and use pictures of objects to solve each problem. 

  • Build a scavenger hunt and use cameras to capture the items you find.

  • Let the families get creative with editing and artistic expression by using a self-portrait and editing apps to draw themselves as who they want to be.

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