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Living with grief & finding life's purpose.

Kenneth Wasley, President & Founder

Children of Fallen Heroes

The Story of Children of Fallen Heroes starts in a quiet green pasture in the town of Silk Hope, NC. In 1973 my father and his Golden Knight teammates were on their way to an airshow when they had a fatal crash. In the subsequent years, I felt an emptiness that I attempted to fill with different activities and found camaraderie in my dad’s teammates, the Golden Knights.

My stepfather, a Golden Knight himself, filled the huge gap my father left in me and my sister. By my stepfather’s actions of saving our family and loving us as his own, he seared a spirit of giving in me forever. To this day, my primary mission has been to help people that serve and sacrifice for their communities, our First Responders, and our beloved military.

Kenneth Wasley's extensive experience in both business and speaking translates into a powerful experience and message for any audience. He uniquely integrates self-development and business mastery to inspire, motivate and empower accelerated success. Kenneth customizes his speaking to meet the needs and goals of both the event organizers and the audience. Kenneth's keynotes are interactive, engaging, high-energy, and inspirational. He employs “living a life of purpose” while speaking, such as exercises, processes, resulting in participants learning faster and retaining more of what they learn. Attendees gain skills, tools, strategies, and practices they can use when returning to their teams. Guest Speaker Booking

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