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Inspiring the Engineers of Tomorrow: CFH Swift Stem Robotics Display at Defense Manufacturing Expo

Event poster designed by NC State University, Marketing and Communications

The recent 2023 Inaugural Defense Manufacturing Expo, hosted in collaboration with Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) ETI, North Carolina State University, and the Fayetteville Cumberland Co. Economic Redevelopment, was nothing short of a resounding success. This event in Red Springs, NC brought together hundreds of individuals eager to learn, network, and engage with one of the largest defense manufacturers in North Carolina.

Ken Wasley, Founder of Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) presenting the NC State University, Industry Expansion Solutions Flag jumped in by the CFH, Honoring Heroes Tour, Parachute Team.

Flag Presentation to James Freeman, President of ETI (Emerging Technologies Institute.

Flag Presentation to Robert S. Patton, Jr with Fayetteville Cumberland Co. Economic Corp

A highlight of the expo was the poignant 9/11 Commemoration, which featured an awe-inspiring performance by the CFH, Honoring Heroes Tour, Parachute Team. This solemn moment allowed attendees to pay their respects and honor the heroes who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

However, the true stars of the event were the young talents from the Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) Swift Stem Robotics Display. These young minds showcased their incredible enthusiasm for engineering and innovation. What's even more remarkable is that their passion was fueled by the vendors and participants at the expo who offered encouragement, guidance, and inspiration.

The CFH Swift Stem Robotics Display demonstrated the power of mentorship and the potential for future innovation. By exposing these young individuals to the world of engineering, the event not only paid tribute to our heroes but also paved the way for the engineers of tomorrow.

The expo served as a testament to the community's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. It was a day filled with learning, networking, and most importantly, the promise of a brighter future. We look forward to seeing how these young engineers will continue to grow and contribute to the world of technology and innovation.

Thank you to all the participants, vendors, and supporters who made this event a remarkable success. Together with our partner and friends like Twelve Million Plus and the Geneva Foundation we are shaping a future filled with innovation, dedication, and endless possibilities for the next generation of engineers.

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