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Connecting Hearts: A Shared Journey of Loss and Hope

Dear friends and supporters,

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Rachael Riley, the esteemed military reporter at The Fayetteville Observer. Our connection runs deep, as we both share the pain of losing a loved one who served our community. Rachael, a Texas native and alumna of Texas Christian University, has been dedicated to telling the stories of veterans, soldiers, and military families since joining The Fayetteville Observer in July 2018.

In her recent article, Rachael shed light on the resilience and strength of Children of Fallen Heroes nonprofit. She explored the profound impact of loss on these young lives and the inspiring initiatives that have emerged to support them. One such initiative is the Retreat and STEAM Education Center, a beacon of hope and education for those who have faced the ultimate sacrifice.

The article beautifully captures the essence of our shared journey and the importance of honoring the legacy of our fallen heroes. It is a testament to the power of storytelling and the positive change that can arise from turning our collective grief into action.

I invite you to read Rachael's insightful piece and join us in celebrating the indomitable spirit of those who have faced adversity. Together, let's continue to build a community that supports and uplifts each other, turning tragedy into triumph.

Read the full article from the Fayetteville Observer.

With gratitude,

Ken Wasley, President and Founder

Children of Fallen Heroes

Kenneth Wasley holds photo of the members of the Golden Knights team who died along with Wasley's father in a plane crash in Chatam County in 1973. Photo credit to Andrew Craft, They Fayetteville Observer

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