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October 28-29, 2022
2nd Annual Trunk or Treat to be held at the
Festival D'Avion, just outside of Pinehurst, NC.

at Moore County, Airport

Highlights from the 1st Annual Trunk or Treat Event at the Festival D'Avion

The 2022 Annual Festival D'Avion is a Celebration of Freedom and Flight at the Moore County Airport in Carthage, N.C., located just outside Pinehurst, N.C. This year’s event takes place October 28-29, 2022. This is a premier safe location for the whole family to enjoy the festivities.  

Friday Night - Concert and Entertainment, Food and Beverages

Saturday Event - Festival D’Avion offers a unique collection of special activities, displays, entertainment, and food and beverages including TRUNK OR TREAT for the entire family to enjoy.

Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) will host the TRUNK OR TREAT featuring: 

• Trunk or Treat Activities (Best Costume Contest)

• Art for Heroes

• Scavenger Hunts

• Heroes behind the Flag "Featuring local heroes and historical facts" 

• Honor Jumps for First Responders and Military Heroes and their families.

• Skydiving Demonstrations

☑️ We need help gathering candy and treats for the event. 


☑️ "CFH Sponsor Wanted" 

We are currently seeking benevolent partners to sponsor this great event that pays tribute to our heroes.  Please help us Support Our Troops, First Responders, Honor Our Veterans and Strengthen Our Community.  

Please contact us if you would like to help support this event.


First Responders and the Military will be recognized with static aircraft exhibits and exhibits honoring the men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces.

Children of Fallen Heroes 1st Annual Festival D'Avion Event honoring the 100th Anniversary of Fort Bragg, NC. 

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