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New STEM Robotics Classes

STEM Robotics Classes

We make STEM education rigorous, fun, and accessible through mentor-based robotics leagues and high-quality programs and resources in STEM Centers open to children and surviving family members of fallen Military and First Responders across the United States.

  • Through our growing network of STEM Centers, we give robotics teams and all young people the space to learn, create and work with expert teachers and advanced equipment.

  • We offer workshops, summer programs, and credit-bearing courses to students whose high schools often don’t have the capacity to provide high-quality STEM education.

  • We connect students to career opportunities in STEM through our corporate partnerships and alumni network.


How we do it

We combine the energy and teamwork of tournament competition with formal learning and advanced technology resources. Our expert teachers and adult mentors encourage young people to build on their strengths and challenge them to push the envelope of what’s possible.

  • Our work builds on the Children of Fallen Heroes model, which sparks students’ interest in STEM through mentor-based robotics competitions while they build self-confidence and life skills.

  • Young people compete from an early age into their high school years, making for sustained experiences in STEM that continue into college and their careers. They help each other and collaborate across boroughs, working together graciously to share knowledge.

  • Most of our teams are guided by mentors and all have equal access to the equipment and resources they need to compete.

Our Impact

We provide the spark that leads to a lifetime love of STEM. Every student who walks through our doors is instilled with the building blocks of confidence and character necessary to succeed in any field and career they choose.

  • Children of Fallen Heroes students across gender, race, and income are three times more likely to be interested in STEM activities, careers, identity, and knowledge.

  • Our programs have embraced our model and participate in our programs thrive.

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