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The Children of Fallen Heroes Indoor Skydiving Team is making waves in the skydiving community, driven by a mission that transcends thrill and sport. With members like Dan, Consuelo, Emma, Gabriel, and their official mascot, Pancho, this dynamic team is dedicated to honoring the legacy of fallen heroes.

Through their innovative approach, they are not only expanding their reach but also introducing the STEM+Arts Indoor Skydiving Programs. These programs aim to combine the excitement of skydiving with educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. By flying with a purpose, they are creating a unique platform to inspire and educate the next generation while keeping the memory and legacy of our heroes alive.

Sign up today to register for a POP UP Indoor Skydiving Program with the Children of Fallen Heroes Indoor Skydiving Team! Don't miss this opportunity to join Dan, Consuelo, Emma, Gabriel, and Pancho in a unique experience that blends thrilling skydiving with educational STEM+Arts activities. Spots are limited, so secure your place now and be part of a mission that inspires and educates.