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Executive Team

Ken Wasley

President & Founder

Children of Fallen Heroes

Rick Herrera

Vice President

U.S. Air Force, Veteran (Retired)

Jane Therrien


Military Widow

Amie Karshner

Chief Executive Corrdinator

Army SOF Spouse

The Honorable Cheri Mason

Ambassador Purpose Impact Value Leadership 

Retired Honorary Chairman of the Board of Veterans Appeals at the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Dr. Britt Harris

Director of Children Programs

Gold Star Spouse

Liz Scruggs

Director of Development

Army, Military Spouse

Jamie Lynn Talavera

Advocacy Director

U.S. Army Golden Knights, Alumni Family Member

Destiny Flynn Draher

Gold Star Wellness & Mentorship Director

Gold Star Spouse & U.S. Army Veteran, (Retired)

Geno Saurez

First Responder & Military Liaison

U.S. Army Veteran (Retired)

Elizabeth Cornett

Police & First Responder Liaison

Montgomery County, Police Department

Maryland (Retired)

Trent Nesmith

Pro-Rated Skydiver

Corporate Construction Consultant (Retired)

Honorary Board Members

Cheryl Stearns

Honorary Ambassador

MSG, U.S. Army, Veteran (Retired)

International Skydiving Hall of Fame, Arizona Aviation & Space Hall of Fame & Guiness Book of World Records

Greg Windmiller

Honorary Ambassador

SFC, U.S. Army Veteran (Retired)

Canopy Flight Instructor

World & National Champion Skydiver

Scott "Yogi" Beare

Honorary Ambassador

Lt. Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Michelle L. Beare

Surviving Spouse Ambassador

U.S. Navy Veteran (Retired)

David Sinclair

Honorary Ambassador

Events Photography Specialist

John Wainwright

Honorary Golf Ambassador

Golf Instructor U.S. Kids Golf

Peter Stiwell

Honorary Event Liaison

Moore County, NC

David Droschak

Honorary Event Liaison

Moore County, NC

Dalton Dillender

Honorary Ambassador

Son of EMT Service Provider

Coming Soon!

Honorary Ambassador

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