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Halo Beauty Co, partners with Children of Fallen Heroes nonprofit

About the Cause:

Holly, one of the cherished members of our partnership with Children of Fallen Heroes, is facing a challenging time. She will be undergoing shoulder surgery, which means she'll be unable to work for over 3 to 4 months recovery. As a single parent, supporting herself and her two children during this time is particularly daunting.

How You Can Help:

By signing up for our exclusive POP UP Stem+arts Hair and Makeup Class, you're not only treating yourself to a fun and educational experience, but you're also making a meaningful difference in Holly's life. 100% of the proceeds from this class will go from Children of Fallen Heroes directly to Holly to assist with her living expenses while she recovers.

Why Support Holly?

Holly has been an invaluable part of our team, dedicating herself wholeheartedly to the cause of supporting the families of fallen heroes. Now, it's our turn to rally around her when she needs us most. Your participation in this class will not only provide financial support but also send a powerful message of solidarity and care.

How to Sign Up:

Ready to make a difference while learning some fantastic beauty techniques? Sign up for our POP UP Stem+arts = Hair and Makeup Class below! Spaces are limited, so don't wait to reserve your spot. 

Together, We Can Make a Difference:

At Halo Beauty Co. LLC, we believe that small acts of kindness can create profound impact. Join us in showing Holly the love and support she deserves as she embarks on her journey to recovery. Thank you for being a part of our community and for your generosity in supporting one of our own.

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Holly stylist at Halo Beauty Co and Volunteer at Children of Fallen Heroes

Proceeds to benefit Holly, Stylist
Halo Beauty Co. LLC

Support Now

100% of the Proceeds will go to support Holly during her recovery.

Thank you for your donation!

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