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Sponsorship Overview

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After years of working with non-profits, we realized that most organizations stop supporting children at the age of 18. As the founder of Children of Fallen Heroes, I believe that there is a need to continue supporting children even after they turn 18, and I am committed to making their milestones as special as possible.

Our vision is to partner with sponsors to provide STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art, and Math) programs for children of fallen First Responders and Military personnel during their milestone occasions such as weddings and graduations. Sponsors will act as catalysts in a cultural movement that aims to help those in need. We hope to create a sustainable program that will continue to support the Children of Fallen Heroes' efforts for generations to come across the United States.

We will draft a contractual agreement with Sponsors that outlines the business and marketing parameters, strategies, and agreements. Children of Fallen Heroes will coordinate with our families to provide "CoFH Models" for Sponsorship events or Trade Shows. Sponsors will proudly endorse the "Honoring Our Heroes Tour" which includes a variety of physical activities such as indoor skydiving, equine sports, fishing, STEAM seminars, and more, throughout the United States.

We will also establish a branding program with Sponsors/Products by adorning them with a QR code that directs users to our designated website. The proceeds generated from these sponsorships will be donated to provide scholarships for surviving family members and fund CoFH activities and operations.


We are projecting 6.5 Million in attendance for this year's events.

All events will be covered by news media, print, and online coverage.

To view events please click here.

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