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Welcome to the STEM Indoor Skydiving 
Universal Studios, Hollywood

Presenting Premier Partner

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Welcome everyone to the Universal Studios, Hollywood, Children of Fallen Heroes STEM Indoor Skydiving with our presenting premier partner The Everest Foundation. Here you will find information about your classes and hosts that helped make this program available to you.


Our STEM Indoor Skydiving Program is a testament to the power of education, inspiration, and unity that honors the sacrifices of our fallen First Responders, and the Military that ensures a promising future for their children including foster kids, caregivers including community outreach programs. 


The Everest Foundation's unwavering support has enabled us to provide these deserving community minds with an opportunity to explore the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an environment that fosters growth, camaraderie, and excitement.

We encourage everyone to visit The Everest  Foundation's website and witness the incredible impact they make. Through their various initiatives and efforts, they continue to uplift communities, inspire generations, and carry the torch of making a positive difference. Their dedication mirrors the values we hold dear - resilience, unity, and the pursuit of excellence. Please visit their website at Together, we can continue to honor our heroes and pave the way for the leaders of tomorrow.

Below you will find a PDF for parking information including your itinerary.


If you have any questions please email or text message at (910) 217-4755.

12:00 PM Group 1 Class:

(14 Students)

Sign up - Wrist Bands / Meet and Greet

12:30 PM - Flight and Safety Gear

1:00 PM - Fly

1:30 PM - STEM Class

2:00 PM- Lab Activity

2:30 PM - Grand Finale

2:50 PM - Departure

12:00 PM Group 2 Class:

(14 Students)

Sign up - Wrist Bands / Meet and Greet

12:30 PM - STEM Class

1:00 PM - Lab Activity

1:30 PM - Flight and Safety Gear

2:00 PM- Fly

2:30 PM - Grand Finale

2:50 PM - Departure

3:30 PM Group 1 Class:

(14 Students)

Sign up - Wrist Bands / Meet and Greet

4:00 PM - Flight and Safety Gear

4:30 PM - Fly

5:00 PM - STEM Class

5:30 PM- Lab Activity

6:00 PM - Grand Finale

6:20 PM - Departure

3:30 PM Group 2 Class:

(14 Students)

Sign up - Wrist Bands / Meet and Greet

4:00 PM - STEM Class

4:30 PM - Lab Activity

5:00 PM - Flight and Safety Gear

5:30 PM- Fly

6:00 PM - Grand Finale

6:20 PM - Departure

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Host Information

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The Everest Family Foundation continues to be Part of the Cure by assisting medical research and post- graduate training in Schools of Medicine, supporting universities of higher learning, community colleges, and individuals. EFF provides funding and opportunities to address and resolve the unique needs of its community, research, and medicine. We pioneer change for the betterment of humanity. Our sphere of influence is:

  • Graduate medical education, and medical research funding and research

  • Everest Foundation Scholars program

  • Support local community initiatives for vulnerable population demographics

Graduate Medical Education is the future of medicine. We help medical students and graduates worldwide connect with leading medical schools to share their passion, creating future leaders in medical research. Improving our communities is of paramount importance to The Everest Family Foundation, we address core issues such as Veteran and community homelessness issues, orphanages support and funding clinical support on a mobile bases in vulnerable population communities.   Learn more >

Meet and Greet the Everest Foundation Team during our event.

dr-michael-everest (2).jpeg

Dr. Michael Everest

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Mrs. Agata Everest.jpg

Mrs. Agata Everest


Professor Heffernan.png

Greg Heffernan

Associate Director and Vice President of Academic Awards

Keanna Lee.png

Keanna Lee

Project Manager

Joanne Raj .jpg

Joanne Raj

Digital Marketing Manager

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501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Children of Fallen Heroes is proud to extend our STEAM programs to children of fallen First Responders, Military, Foster Kids, and Caregivers including community outreach programs across the nation. We believe in the power of education and the transformative impact it can have on the lives of these resilient young individuals. As part of our commitment to their growth and development, we are excited to announce the construction of a new retreat and education center on our expansive 82-acre property in Moore County, NC.

The state-of-the-art retreat and education center will serve as a hub of innovation and learning, providing an immersive environment where children can explore the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Through hands-on activities, engaging projects, and mentorship from experienced educators, we aim to ignite their curiosity, foster their creativity, and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Meet and Greet the Children of Fallen Heroes Team at the Event

Kenneth Wasley, President and Founder,

Children of Fallen Heroes


Jamie Talavera, Advocacy Director

Children of Fallen Heroes

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