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Tandem Skydiving Program for Children of FAllen Heroes at Skydive Coastal Carolina.jpg
Soaring with Angels:
Remembering the Brave, Celebrating the Joy

The STEM Tandem Skydiving program for Children of Fallen Heroes is an awe-inspiring initiative that combines education and adventure in a truly unique way! (must be 18+ to qualify)

🚀 Elevating STEM Education: Our program takes participants on an educational journey into the science of skydiving. From physics and aerodynamics to cutting-edge technology and precision mathematics, we make learning thrilling!

🪂 Skydiving Insights: Discover the secrets of skydiving equipment and technology, and witness firsthand how science and engineering have transformed this extreme sport into a safe and exhilarating experience.


💪 Building Resilience: We believe in empowering children who have experienced loss. Through skydiving, they conquer their fears, forge bonds with others facing similar challenges, and emerge stronger and more resilient.


🌟 Honoring Heroes: We pay tribute to the sacrifices made by military and first responder families, ensuring that their fallen heroes are never forgotten.


Join us for an adventure that not only inspires a passion for STEM but also offers a life-changing experience of camaraderie and growth. Together, we're soaring to new heights!


🌠 #STEMSkydivingHeroes

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350x350 Skydive Coast Carolina Club Brunswick County NC Children of Fallen Heroes
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