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Cultivating Minds:
A STEM Education in Agriculture

The STEM Agricultural Program for Children of Fallen Heroes is designed to provide education, resources, and opportunities for CFH youth to learn about sustainable agriculture and its importance in creating healthy, thriving communities. The program is grounded in STEM education, which integrates science, technology, engineering, and math to help children gain a comprehensive understanding of agricultural systems.

The program is divided into three main components: education, resources, and career development.

  1. Education: The STEM Agricultural Program offers a variety of educational resources to CFH youth, including workshops, classes, and online courses. These educational resources cover a range of topics, including sustainable farming practices, food distribution systems, soil science, and pest management. The program also integrates STEM education into agricultural lessons, providing children with a strong foundation in science and technology.

  2. Resources: The STEM Agricultural Program provides resources and support for CFH youth who are interested in starting their own gardens or getting involved in local food distribution systems. These resources may include access to gardening tools, seeds and plants, composting bins, and other equipment needed for sustainable farming. The program also connects CFH youth with local farmers, food hubs, and community organizations to help them get involved in the local food system.

  3. Career Development: The STEM Agricultural Program provides CFH youth with opportunities to explore careers in agriculture and related fields. The program offers internships, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities for youth who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, food distribution, or other related fields. These opportunities help CFH youth build valuable skills, gain work experience, and explore potential career paths.

Overall, the STEM Agricultural Program for Children of Fallen Heroes is designed to provide CFH youth with the education, resources, and opportunities they need to build a sustainable and resilient food system for their communities. The program empowers youth to make positive changes in their communities while also preparing them for a successful future in agriculture and related fields.

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