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Mission to Support Fallen Heroes' Families Celebrated at NC State General Assembly

Rick Herrera, Vice President of Children of Fallen Heroes, and Kenneth Wasley, Founder of the organization, had a truly special day recently. They were invited to the NC State General Assembly, along with Rick's four legged partner Home Front K-9, Ageis, to be recognized for their work in serving communities with the Children of Fallen Heroes program. The ceremony was particularly memorable, as the group received not one, but two standing ovations from the assembly members in attendance.

The event marked a significant moment in the history of North Carolina, as the recognition highlighted the efforts of the organization to build the CFH Retreat and Education Center in Moore County, NC. Rick and Ken's dedication to this cause was apparent as they received the recognition, and their friend Senator Tom McInnis was proud to stand alongside them.

Ageis also played a special role in the ceremony. The K-9, a highly trained member of the Children of Fallen Heroes team, was welcomed onto the floor of the assembly. Rick and Ken were thrilled to have Ageis by their side and proud to share the stage with their devoted canine partner.

Overall, it was a day that Rick, Ken, and Ageis will always remember, and a testament to the power of their work to support those who have sacrificed so much for their communities.

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