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CFH Honoring Heroes Parachute Team Tour hits 4 Million in attendance in 2022!

The Children of Fallen Heroes Parachute Team has had an amazing year, with their Honoring Heroes Tour reaching record-breaking numbers of over 4 million attendees. The tour was designed to work with local fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and the military to provide programs for the children of fallen heroes. These programs include giving books to Fire and Law Enforcement, elementary schools, and foster programs, all as part of their community engagement efforts.

The Children of Fallen Heroes have grown nationally and offer programs such as STEM Indoor Skydiving, STEM Robotics, Equine Retreats, Coastal Fishing, Golf Day Camps, Photography and Drone Classes, Tandem Skydiving, and Wedding and Special Occasions. These programs are all offered to the families of fallen heroes at no cost to them, thanks to donations and volunteer support.

One of the highlights of this year's performances was the Milwaukee Air and Water Show with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, held to honor a long-time family friend, Rudy Malanti. Kenneth Wasley, the Founder of Children of Fallen Heroes, reflects on childhood memories of Rudy and their families spending time together. He was blessed to have designed the official posters for the Milwaukee Air and Water Show, including working at the Chicago Air and Water Show. Wasley will always cherish Rudy's thumbs up, smiles, and encouragement. When he heard the news of Rudy's passing, he knew they had to honor him in a special way.

Through their programs and activities, Children of Fallen Heroes continues to honor fallen heroes and their families while providing support and opportunities for positive development in their communities. Their mission and vision remain alive thanks to the hard work and dedication of their team, volunteers, and supporters.


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