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Building Dreams: CFH's Inspiring Collaboration with Moore County Planning, Zoning, and GreyFox Outdoors

In a symphony of collaboration and commitment, Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) is delighted to share our recent partnership not only with the outstanding, W Squared LLC, Moore County Planning and Zoning Teams but also with the locally owned GreyFox Outdoors. Together, we're turning dreams into reality.

The recent Planning and Review Team (PRT) Meeting was a beacon of excitement as we delved into the visionary details of Phases 1, 2, and 3, with heartfelt thanks to the dedicated environmentalists, construction experts, fire professionals, zoning specialists, and permit authorities.

Adding to the magic, CFH is thrilled to announce our partnership with GreyFox Outdoors, a local company that will contribute its expertise to design the playground and outdoor living spaces for the Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and STEAM Education Center.

This collaboration is more than just blueprints and structures; it's a promise to create a haven for the children of fallen heroes, military families, first responders, foster kids, caregivers, and community outreach programs.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of community, creativity, and collaboration. Together, with the support of Moore County Planning, Zoning Teams, and GreyFox Outdoors, we are building dreams that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for the incredible transformation unfolding before our eyes! ✨🏡 #BuildingDreams #CFHJourney #CommunityTransformation #GreyFoxPartnership


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