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Book fundraiser to support First Responders and the community.

Books that give back to the community and help inspire children during a time of need.

As a child my mom said I use to have a little suitcase full of books. I would wheel them into the room and we would pick a book to read together. Now we get the opportunity to share the love that will take children off of technology reading a book. Simple easy ready books for you children that will inspire them to be brave and be positive.

We are providing books for the Law Enforcement and Fire Department including Foster homes and excited to announce that the first set of books will be going to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, Charlotte NC. The reason why we choose them is because of their positive community outreach lead by Sheriff McFadden. I am so proud of the department and how truly involved they are in strengthening the community.

Pictured above is Sheriff McFadden

Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, Charlotte NC doing positive work in the community.

Special Thank you to Lynette Kouris, Jessica Stroufe including Hickory Nutrition that partnered together to raise money to buy books for Children of Fallen Heroes to distribute to our First Responders and Foster Kids programs.

95% of the donations goes to purchase books for First Responders and Foster Homes.


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