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75th Anniversary of The North Carolina, Azalea Festival

Captured moments from the 75th Anniversary, NC Azalea Festival. Incredible views from Wilmington, NC that have never been seen before.

We are excited to announce that Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) will be skydiving in Old Glory for the "Honoring Heroes Jump" presented by Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, into the 75th Anniversary of The North Carolina Azalea Festival.

The parachute demonstration will be in front of City Hall on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 at 9:20 AM. The national anthem is performed as CFH brings in Old Glory with a flyover by our good friends The Bandit Flight Team and the Super Stallions CH-53E.

Make sure that you get there early to watch this historic moment and capture it on camera. It will be the first Parachute demo in the history of downtown Wilmington, NC.

Tag Children of Fallen Heroes in your photos for a chance to win a CFH Hat!

In supporting the “Children of Fallen Heroes” we have found that our vision, purpose, and every minute detail is critical in the healing process for our children. Surviving and thriving the loss of their “Hero” mother or father is our “no-fail mission” and we walk with them and their families until that mission is complete.

Established in 2015

Children of Fallen Heroes Retreat and Education programs are designed to create an escape from grief and expand the mind while having fun. Programs include Canine & Wildlife Rescue, Coastal Fishing, Equine Retreat, Golf Day Camp, Indoor Skydiving, Photography, Wedding and Special Occasions, and more.

The jump is in honor of all that have served

as a First Responder and Military including their families.

Hundreds of thousands of people will come out to celebrate Wilmington's exceptional artwork, gardens, rich history, and culture during its five days of pageantry. Celebrate Spring southern style with Colorful Parades, bustling Street Fairs, charming Home and Garden Tours, Art Shows, Spectacular Fireworks, nationally-known entertainment performing concerts, as well as the majestic coronation of a Festival Queen and Princess.

For community pride and springtime pageantry, the North Carolina Azalea Festival has no equal! Follow and find out what we will be raffling that will be the talk of the event.


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