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Rise Above A Story of Love, Loss & the Power of Dream by Kenneth Wasley founder of Children of Fallen Heroes  501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Kenneth Wasley, President and Founder of Children of Fallen Heroes  501(c)(3) Nonprofit

📚 Announcing "Rise Above: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Power of Dreams"

by Ken Wasley, President and Founder of Children of Fallen Heroes 🌟

We are thrilled to share with you an inspiring journey of resilience, hope, and the indomitable power of the human spirit in "Rise Above: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Power of Dreams" by Ken Wasley, President, and Founder of Children of Fallen Heroes. This compelling autobiography takes you on a profound exploration of love, the pain of loss, and the extraordinary strength found within the pursuit of dreams.

About the Author: Ken Wasley,  Author and Keynote Speaker, has dedicated his life to supporting the families of fallen heroes, foster kids, caregivers and a variety of community outreach programs. As the President and Founder of Children of Fallen Heroes, Ken's experiences and insights come alive on the pages of "Rise Above," offering readers a rare glimpse into the depths of his personal journey and the transformative power of resilience.

Giving Back: 100% of Proceeds to Benefit Children of Fallen Heroes

What makes "Rise Above" even more remarkable is its mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it the most. We are proud to announce that 100% of the proceeds from the book sales will go directly to the Children of Fallen Heroes nonprofit.

Redoing page but will make it more interactive and do a drop ship as well package.

Kindergarten through Young Ones 

   • Ages: 5-7

   • Designed for our youngest learners, focusing on basic STEM concepts and creative arts tailored to their developmental stage.


Middle School

   • Ages: 11-14

  Engaging STEM and arts classes for middle schoolers, balancing skill-building and exploration to foster curiosity and growth.


High School

   • Ages: 14-18

   • Advanced STEM and arts courses designed to challenge and inspire high school students, preparing them for future academic and career pursuits.


College Students

   • Ages: 18-22 (may vary)

   • Specialized classes and workshops for college students, offering opportunities for deeper exploration and skill enhancement in STEM and arts disciplines.



   Ages: 22 +

   • Diverse range of classes catering to adults of all ages and backgrounds, providing opportunities for continued learning, skill development, and personal enrichment.



   • Ages: 65+

   • Tailored classes for seniors focusing on lifelong learning, creativity, and social engagement, promoting overall well-being and fulfillment.


7. Whole Family

   • Interactive and collaborative classes designed for families to participate together, fostering bonding experiences and learning opportunities across generations. Activities cater to various age groups within the family, ensuring inclusive and enjoyable experiences for all.


8. Couples Classes

   • Unique classes tailored for couples to enjoy together, featuring interactive STEM and arts activities aimed at strengthening relationships, fostering teamwork, and creating lasting memories. Perfect for partners looking to learn, create, and connect in a fun and supportive environment.

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