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Leadership & Roles

Program Description

Children of Fallen Heroes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2015 by Kenneth Wasley. We provide various types of retreats, education opportunities, community outreach, and special activities for children and families of fallen military and first responders. All activities are designed to provide a respite from grief as well as a new learning experience in an atmosphere in which their hero parents are remembered and honored for their service. These activities have included but are not limited to: STEM Flight for Heroes Day Camp, Equine Retreat for Heroes, Golf Day Camp, Fishing Day Camp for Heroes, Canine Rescue Class, Wildlife Rescue Class, Photography Class,

Wedding and Special Occasion and Skydiving Angels Program.

Children of Fallen Heroes has the following staff structure. The Board of Directors meets at least twice per week and oversees all projects. The President reports to the Board and oversees staff and volunteers, organizes all activities, conducts outreach and networking, and meets regularly with the volunteer Financial and Banking Manager to achieve targeted goals and objectives. The volunteer Financial and Banking Manager maintains all financial records and manages accounts payable and accounts receivable. Twenty volunteers expedite the various programs and activities, serving in roles including, but not limited to: ambassadors, event booth representatives, skydivers, pilots, equine handlers, coastal fishing experts, STEM indoor skydiving instructors, canine and animal wildlife rescue workers, golf instructors, and beauty professionals.


Board of Directors


Kenneth Wasley has personal experience in the needs of military families following the loss of a loved one, as well as extensive career experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Operations Management.

Vice President
Enrique Herrera is a USAF veteran with degrees concentrated in Business, Aviation, and Professional Piloting.

Jane Therrien is a Human Resources professional with a degree and several certifications in Finance.

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