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"The story comes to life through the lens."

- Doug Stanley

Doug Stanley

CEO/EP Ridgeline Entertainment LLC; Eight Time Primetime Emmy Nominee, Two-time Primetime Emmy Winner, "Deadliest Catch"

Doug Stanley, CEO and Executive Producer of Ridgeline Entertainment is best known for his seven years of story telling as an original and long-standing producer of Discovery Channel’s HIT show “Deadliest Catch.”


In addition, Doug has also acted as producer of a host of other top shows for Discovery Channel, Fox, ABC, Animal Planet and Country Music Television.


A "Visual Storyteller, Doug is also an Emmy award-winning Cinematographer who has specialized in telling character-driven stories in extreme environments from the deserts of Iraq to the pack Ice of the frozen Bering Sea.


Doug is now leading the charge in the emerging field of Social Media Broadcasting as leader of the creative team that designed and built "SmackDab", the amazing fully-interactive digital broadcast and promotion platform for facebook

Specialties: Premium Television Content - Interactive Content - Live Social Broadcast Events - Cinematography - 3D Programming

Currently Acting as Executive Producer of "Hell and High Water" and "Wild Racers" - 34 total Episodes for delivery to National Television by early 2014.

Producer, Series Director of Photography, "Deadliest Catch"

Original Productions

2001 – December 2010 (9 years) Bering Sea, Alaska

Having served as a founding producer of this show, it has pleased me greatly to see how it has “changed the game," effectively creating a new genre of television shows, each hoping to enjoy the same success as “Catch." Today “Deadliest Catch” is broadcast in 180 countries and presented in 45 languages.

For my work on this landmark show, I have been fortunate to garner 8 Primetime Emmy nominations, and was honored with an Emmy Award in 2008. As "Catch" is currently nominated in three categories, it is my hope that the show will sweep the Emmys again this year.

Producer, Series Director of Photography "Last American Cowboy"

Last American Cowboy

January 2010 – August 2010 (8 months)TV Series - CMT

Through a grueling 8-month production, Doug lived and worked on the Galt Ranch, a 100,000 acre cattle ranch located in Central Montana. This series was produced on behalf of Animal Planet.

Gone Country

2009 – 2009 (less than a year)CMT

Ice Road Truckers

2008 – 2009 (1 year)TV Series

Series Director of Photography NBC"s "America's Toughest Jobs"

Original Productions

February 2008 – October 2008 (9 months)NBC PRIMETIME

This Amazing show was shot with the crab fishermen in the Bering Sea, The Ice Road Truckers, the Gold Miners, the Monster Truck Drivers, the Oil Men, the Loggers, the High Angle Bridge Painters, the Rodeo Clowns, and with the High Altitude Rescue teams on Mt McKinley (Denali)

Producer, Series Director of Photography "Lobster Wars"

Lobster Wars

2007 – 2007 (less than a year)TV Series

Also a top Discovery Channel show for its two-season run, "Lobster Wars" was shot 750 miles out to sea in the North Atlantic, the very home of "The Perfect Storm"

General Manager and Executive Producer, C-3D Television Network

C3D Television Network

1998 – 1999 (1 year)THE REAL "WORLD'S FIRST" 24/7 3D TELEVISION NETWORK!

Doug Stanley was the General Manager of C-3D Television, an early stereoscopic 3D network. In the role of Executive Producer, Doug supervised the creation of original 3D television shows, promos and other interstitial content including network identity, all in 3D. This programming was broadcast initially in C-band, but later in KU-band transmitting via the GE-3 Satellite. Through this period he traveled and studied 3D in Japan, Korea, China and Canada. He feels fortunate to have gained much of his education from 3D pioneers. He has a real passion for the visual mediums of cinema, television and stereoscopic 3D imaging. Doug is one of the few production executives with actual experience in 3D television content creation, delivering a host of 3D “firsts.”

America's Most Wanted - FOX

America's Most Wanted

1993 – 1998 (5 years)TV Series

Doug Stanley Ridgeline Entertainment