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75th Anniversary 
NC Azalea Festival 

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Wilmington NC _ Children of Fallen Heroes_ 75th Anniversary Azalea F

Saturday, April 9, 2022

 Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina

This is the premier Parade for the North Carolina, Azalea Festival.

We are excited to announce that Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH) will be skydiving in Old Glory for the "Honoring Heroes Jump" presented by Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, into the 75th Anniversary of The North Carolina Azalea Festival.


The parachute demonstration will be in front of City Hall on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 at 9:20 AM. The national anthem is performed as CFH brings in Old Glory with a flyover by our good friends The Bandit Flight Team and the Super Stallions CH-53E.


Make sure that you get there early to watch this historic moment and capture it on camera. It will be the first Parachute demo in the history of downtown Wilmington, NC.


Tag Children of Fallen Heroes in your photos for a chance to win a CFH Hat!

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If you served as a First Responders in the Greater Wilmington area  and or a child of fallen heroes, please contact us for an exclusive VIP area for the "Honor Heroes Jump" demonstration by 

Children of Fallen Heroes, Parachute Team.  

75th Anniversary NC Azalea Festival
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